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TX Holdings Reports 2014 Results

Revenue for 2014 Decreased 12.4% Second Full Year Reporting Net Income

- Revenue for 2014 decreased 12.4% as compared to 2013
- Gross profit for 2014 decreased 27.4% as compared to 2013
- Net income for 2014 was $341,300 an increase of $14,323
- Second full year in which company has posted net income

ASHLAND, KY / ACCESSWIRE / November 18, 2014 / TX Holdings, Inc. (TXHG), a supplier of mining and rail products to the U.S. coal mining industry, today announced financial results for its full 2014 fiscal year. The company's revenue and gross profit decreased during 2014, although the company continued to report net income for the full year.

Mr. Shrewsbury, the company's CEO and Chairman, stated that "During 2014, we had sales of $4.3 million a decrease of approximately 12.4% when compared to 2013, primarily as a result of the loss of a customer. However, we still reported net income for the full year and we are pleased overall with our performance despite regulatory changes in the coal mining industry. "

Fiscal 2014 Financial Summary:

Revenue for fiscal 2014 was $4.29 million, a decrease of $608,909 or 12.4% compared to 2013.

Gross profit for 2014 was $1.14 million, a decrease of 27.4% compared to 2013.

Net income for 2013 was $341,300, an increase of $14,323.

Earnings per diluted share was $0.01 remaining unchanged from 2013.

Cost of goods sold was $3.15 million compared to $3.3 million in 2013, a decrease of 5.4%.

Operating expenses for 2014 were $1.17 million, a decrease of 0.5%. Other income was $378,683, resulting from a gain on the settlement of certain litigation and an increase in gain on the extinguishment of debt over the prior year.

Cash used in operating activities for 2014 was $291,920 as compared to $240,084 during 2013. The increase was a direct result of continued efforts to increase finished goods inventory by $912,548 from prior year-end levels to meet projected increases in sales demand and an increase in accounts receivable of $95,037. Accrued liabilities as of 2014 year end increased by $71,538 and accounts payable increased $362,376. At September 30, 2014, the company had cash and cash equivalents of $72,784, a decrease of $102,244 when compared to 2013. To fund ongoing operations, the company continued to rely upon financing provided by its CEO, including demand notes and advances of $2.04 million, and a secured bank line of credit of which $548,500 had been drawn upon at year end.

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Forward-Looking and Cautionary Statements:

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William "Buck" Shrewsbury
Chairman and CEO
TX Holdings, Inc.
(606) 928-1131

SOURCE: TX Holdings, Inc.